Add a New Member in Ration Card

Add a New Member in Ration Card

How to add new member in ration card

Ration card is an essential legal document which is given by the Government of India to its citizens. It plays important role in 2 ways.

  • It allows economically disadvantaged citizens to contact huge subsidized important products like wheat, rice, and kerosene by the public distribution system. Moreover, this system is responsible for providing millions of poor Indians to meet their most basic needs
  • It is one of the legally recognized identities and residential address proof documents, it is one of the easiest to acquire as the documents essential for it are flexible and accommodate a wide range of citizen situations.

Ration card is issued to families rather than individual and it should ensure that every Indian is listed on the family card of only one household. Sometimes replication will give certain families more commodities then they are legally entitled to, at the cost of others.

Moreover, life circumstances require family lists to repeatedly change. Members may leave or join a family as an issue of the life course, in situations like after baby born or after the marriage of a new couple.

Process to Add New Member in Ration Card – Online:

  1. Go to the nearest local ration card food supplier office and collect the Form
  2. Fill all the details and include the reason for adding and relationship of new person
  3. Attach all the required documents along with the application
  4. Submit the application and Pay the Fee
  5. They will give you an Acknowledgment number, which can be used to track your status
  6. after completion of verification, you can receive your updated ration card in 2-3 weeks

Process to Add New Name in Ration Card – Offline

  1. Go to the official food and civil supply department website
  2. In the ration card section, click the ‘name addition of new members’ link and open the application form
  3. Fill in all the details completely and upload the relevant documents including a scan of your existing ration card and identity documents of the new member
  4. Submit the application and print the receipt with the acknowledgment number
  5. Your ration card will be verified and you will receive your updated card in 2-3 weeks at the given location.

Require Documents to add New Member in Ration Card :

In case of New Born baby –

Documents to add child name in ration card online

  • Original Ration Card
  • Copies of birth certificate of the applicant child
  • Parents ID proof

In case of name adding of wife/ bride/daughter – in- law:

Documents requiored to add wife name in ration card online

  • Original Ration Card of husband
  • Name Deletion Certificate of Bride (From parents ration Card)
  • Marriage Certificate

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