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How to Delete Name from Ration Card

How to Delete Name from Ration Card After a Person Dead, After Marriage, After Family Divide

The scheme Ration Card is running success is only because of its precautions, prefect execution planning, new implementations, increase in benefits to the cardholders. Today’s schemes are not the instant risen thoughts, and lot leaders thought of it to bring to the Government.

As every Indian knew that our Country is battling with the poverty and insufficient funds, and we have been listening to one collective dialogue since many generations that India is Developing Country. Still, India rose with a concept called Ration Card.

The pillar concept is to provide goods like Kerosene, Rice, Dal, Sugar, and more household ingredients to all the low and middle or average income families. I mean to support hand from Government to legally eligible candidates. If you are available to get these benefits, you can apply for the New Ration card.

Eligible Candidates to Get Ration Card:

  • The annual income must below 40,000.
  • The Government Employees are out for this scheme.
  • If you are a founder of a business or a company, you will get out of this scheme.
  • All the documents you provide during the applying or verification process for the Ration card should be genuine.
  • If all your submitted documents are accurate, then only you will receive the permission to have the Ration card.

The above information might familiar to everyone because having a Ration card is essential. Many might have a doubt, what happens or what is the procedure to delete a name from the running Ration card. To solve all your doubts, here is the detailed information about the process, and under what circumstances, you can proceed with the option called to remove or delete the name from the ration card.

When to Remove Names from ration card:

The pointed are the reasons to eliminate a person name form the family list from ration card:

How to delete the name after a Person Dead:

application letter for cancellation of name from ration card after death

If you are applying reason is to remove the person’s name due to his/her death. The following is the procedure to follow:

  • Before removing the name form the Ration card, the member of the householder should go to the office contain the number to the dead member in a serial format.
  • Get the death certificate from the office- it shows the legal guarantee that a person is no more on the earth.
  • Along with the death certificate, add the relevant documents to start the process of delete from the card permanently.
  • Hand over all the collected details, either to Meeseva or to the food supplier office.
  • The applier will give an approximate date to collect his/her new edited Ration card.
  • Remember- Sometimes, the officers will come for checking whether the application reason is correct or wrong.
  • If they notice that the given or applied process is fake or the person is still alive, then the referred person will face the consequences.

Documents required to Remove Name From the Ration Card Of a Dead Person:

  • Death certificate of the removing person
  • Passport size photo
  • Signature of the applied candidate.

How to remove from Ration Card After Marriage:

  • In the concept of marriage, we have two types of options to choose according to the need:

After Marriage

How to remove from Ration Card after Taking Divorce

  • For the above two options, the work process is the same, but submitting certificates decides which type option you choose.
  • The Girl or Woman can apply a request form for the deletion of a name.
  • The head of the family or cardholder should produce a no-objection certificate.
  • If the girls have the no-objection certificate, she was allowed to add her name with her husband’s ration card.
  • The addition process will occur after the girl’s name deleted from her parent’s Ration card.
  • After all the above details verified, then the girl can have an officially listed to a new Ration card.
  • In the case of DivorceDivorce, the certificate of DivorceDivorce is enough to apply the deletion of the name from the ration card.
  • The overview point is if you want to add a person to your family use the concept called “Add to Ration Card” in case wanted to delete a name or a person from your family go to the idea called “Remove or Delete name from Ration Card.”

Documents required to remove a Girl name from the ration card after marriage:

  • No objection certificate from the head of the family card holder
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Signature of the girl who applied.

Required documents to delete regarding Family Issues:

  • Objection certificate from the person whom you want to delete
  • If you got divorced? Then give the divorce certificate to eliminate the other person
  • Passport size photo
  • Signature of the applied candidate

To make updates regarding Delete name from the Ration card: Offline and Online options are available to complete your process. Since now, every work inserted through an online facility.  Here you will provide two options, and it’s your choice to select and complete the task.

How to delete name in ration card Offline Method:

The offline process is the best way to fill the application for the deleting name from the Ration card.

  • Download the application form from the Respective states official web site
  • Fill the application form by filling all the mandatory details with required documents.
  • Name of the person you wanted to delete
  • Give the relevant reason or removing the name
  • Mention the reason behind deleting
  • The relation of the deleting person with the cardholder
  • Check for the submitting documents list to submit along with the application form.
  • Now, apply the Meeseva or the nearest Ration food supplier shop for the future (next) process.
  • If the reason is the dead person, you are requested to submit an addition (Death certificate).
  • Passport size photo
  • Document proof for deletion proof.

How to remove name in ration card Online Method:

The process is a bit similar to the offline process. Still, they differ the application can be submitted directly to the activation site with the help of preferred state’s official portals under the control of the Government, India.

  • Visit your state official portal regarding Ration card
  • Click on the name deletion option among several options to choose
  • Fill all the necessary details with relevant like death, marriage, and Divorce certificates as the proof.
  • Submit the application form and collect the print out of your application form for future scope.
  • The application number or acknowledgment number will use to track your application status.
  • The tracking facility and direct submission to the official website, no need for central servers; these are the main advantage of preferring online facility or option.

One Nation One Ration Card Scheme

Into to the people from 1 July 2020, as the current PM is on the process of building accuracy and transparency in government work. This is in already existing almost up to 82% in over India, yet to fill the gap of 12%. The one Nation One Ration card scheme had declared to the public on the 3rd December by the National Food Security Act.

Actually, the purpose of the ration card is to buy the basic food materials to the average level and to the ground level people from the government with a 77% discount. In the early days, it worked well with transparency but years passing,  the dealers do not maintain the prefect genuine work and of course same issue with the users too.

The reason behind the Scheme:

During the verification progress, the maximum result found out that, the users having the ration cards more than one and using all those Ration cards in the time of taking the monthly ration.

The other main reason, the central government distributing equally to all the states- districts- villages and to Mandals but when the government ruins for the feedback regarding the ration availed and benefits giving by them, the public response might always is without distributing equally, you have no right to take feedback.

Then the Government started to dig the working process and resulted in the only point is lack of transparency. To justify the people with the best outcome facilities from the government rasies the concept of One Nation One Ration Card.

Establishment Process Of One Nation One Ration Card Scheme:

Arise the concept of one nation One Ration card. The person should avail in only one card and must link up with the Aadhar card since that candidate can access the Ration card and buy the benefits and basic food materials. The mainly benefited from the migrant laborers and for daily wagers and also benefited with types of food grains under the National Food Security Act with fair prices from the center Government.

The present India government has to take with all International schemes, as the PM Modi’s goal is to set the History as India is a Developed Nation his ruling.

Focused on:

  • During the old rules and system, the applicant has to depend on a single shop to the near located area call it as the dealer.
  • The center government hope is that by allowing ration portability will also chance to decrease the term corruption.
  • From the new process or system, the applicants are accessible to take from any part of eth India.
  • The Purpose of Aadhar’s link is, every person has unique ID verification, it makes easy to calculate and analyze.
  • On the back end, the Food Corporation of India in thinking to provide thorough an App with the sorting grain in an attempt to create an accurate flow of information in online till the process of distribution.

Present Review:

  • The groundwork estimated with the four crores to 10 crores rations cards has been corrupted.
  • The woman after the marital status found it difficult to relocate to the new ration card.
  • The one nation and one ration card are already working in the states called Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra-Gujarat and Telangana started in August 2019.
  • From October 1, 2019, the other two states started Kerala and Rajasthan experiencing the result already.
  • By the 2020 1st month including three other states will be in the list of first national grid for the scheme “One Nation One Ration Card”.

Advantages of Ration Card

Here are the various advantages of the ration card, as listed below

  • Ration card plays a vital role in every Indian citizen it ensures citizens in the procurement of essential commodities at subsidized rate.
  • Presently it becomes important documents for identification
  • ration card list helps you to know whether your enrolled in the list and eligible to all benefits

Purpose of Ration card as ID Proof:

ration card is useful as ID proof at the time of applying other documents like

  • Telephone connections
  • Mobile SIM cards
  • Domicile certificate
  • Passports
  • Forgetting driving license
  • Adding names in the Electoral Rolls

Type of Ration Cards:

  • The government will issue unique Ration cards for above poverty line, below the poverty line, and Antyodaya families like
  • Families who live below the poverty line are eligible to get blue/ green/red/yellow cards on which they can get special subsidies
  • Few states Government Issue temporary ration card, which is valid for a specified number of months and is issued for relief purpose
  • Blue card is issued to only those persons, who don’t have LPG connections.

Who can apply for a ration card?

  • He or some other person on his behalf is not already in possession of such a card
  • a person who resides permanently and desires to have a ration card are eligible to issue
  • Any member or he of his family is not included in another ration card, you can also check ration card status through its official website after applying

Apply for Ration Card in Jharkhand

Ration card is not a document to get food grains but also gives various kinds of social facilities and government services. The food and civil supplies department of Jharkhand state start the survey to provide the ration cards for eligible families. We already know that the Ration card is compulsory to avail of facilities provided by the Food distribution system. This article provides information about Ration card details in Jharkhand state

Types of Jharkhand Ration Cards:

  • APL (Above poverty line) cards: This APL card is issued for the people who are living above the poverty line
  • BPL (Below poverty line) cards: These cards are issued for the poor families living in rural and urban slums
  • AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) cards: These cards are issued to poor families living in urban and rural areas
  • Annapurna Cards: These cards are issued to people who have none to support and not getting the old-age pension at the age of 65

Required Documents for Jharkhand Ration Cards

  • Submit the certificate as issued by Panchayat Pradhan, Tax collector, Halka Karmchari, Nigam Parsad
  • Current household tax receipt of Nagar Nigam
  • Rent receipt of land and the Khatian
  • Residence certificate
  • You need to submit any two following:
  • Bank passbook
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Landline Telephone Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Voter ID card

How To Apply for New Ration Card in Jharkhand:

  • You can download the Application Form 2 for new ration card through the official website or collect the form from Block level supply officer or subdivision officer
  • Fill the Application form completely and submit the ration card application form along with required documents to Block level supply officers for rural and District level supply officer for urban areas
  • Collect a receipt for successful submission of form along with the date

Note: There is no application fee to submit along with the application form. Applicants will submit the form from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM in any working day

A Process To Search Ration Card in Jharkhand Through Online:

  • Click on this link
  • Select the District and Block from given drop-down list
  • Select an option Village / Ward
  • If in case you can select name then select the respective village name or for dealers search and select dealer name
  • Select the card type like PH or AAY
  • Finally, click on submit button then you will get ration card list on the screen

How To Check Ration Card Application Status in Jharkhand:

  • Visit the Jharkhand official website
  • Click on the link check status of ration card application form
  • Fill all the details like ration card number which you will get in acknowledgment slip
  • Click on submit button then application status will display on the screen

Time Frame for Ration Card in Jharkhand:

  • 15 days: For new Ration card
  • One month: Change in the Fair price shop
  • 15 days: Adding names, deletion names, Surrender of ration card or issuing surrender certificate
  • One month in submitting supportive document: Changing address in the card which is within the same circle

Ration Card Department Details in Jharkhand:

Address: Food and civil supplies Government of Jharkhand, Project Bhawan Mantralaya Dhurva, 4th Floor, Ranchi 834004

Official website:

Phone number: 0651 2400960

Apply for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh state government provides several online facilities for citizens. Himachal Pradesh people can easily apply for their ration cards without any risk. Ration card is a necessary document to obtain the everyday essential things at low costs. Ration card also serves as the individual or entire family identity proof acceptable for the Government and non-government offices.

Applicants Who Can Apply for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Applicants having no ration card in other states
  • Duplicate ration card: If applicants can lose their ration cards then the competent authority can issue duplicate ration card after charging some fee
  • If the person has a ration card at a previous place: Government officials will transfer the ration card from one place to another place. The applicant has to submit the application form along with the surrender certificate
  • Temporary ration card: This card does not exceed not more than 3 months
  • People can add and delete names on Himachal Pradesh ration card

Required Documents To Apply for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Address proof: Electricity bill, water bill, Voter ID, copy of bank passbook
  • The applicant needs to submit the deletion certificate
  • If in case the applicant is a tenant then need to submit the rent agreement as to the resident proof

For Address change: Surrender certificate and address proof

For member addition: Birth certificate

For member deletion: Transfer certificate / Death certificate / Marriage certificate

Fee Details for Himachal Pradesh Ration Card:

  • New Ration card: Rs 5 is charged for ration card to APL families
  • Duplicate Ration card: Rs 5 is charged for issuance of ration card

How To Apply for Ration Card in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Applicants visit their nearest Panchayat officer to concerned authority person
  • Collect the application form for the Ration card
  • Fill the form with all necessary details like name, age gender, family details along with annual income certificate
  • Submit the application form along with necessary documents to Panchayat Pradhan of rural and FCS&CS of urban areas
  • After successful verification ration card will issue

Time Frame for Himachal Pradesh Ration card:

  • On the same day – Change address within the jurisdiction of same price shop
  • Within one week – Change address involving changes of fair price shop
  • On the same day or 7 days (if verification is required) – Inclusion or deletion of family members
  • Within 15 days – Issue fresh ration card on the production of surrender certificate from another state
  • Same day – Issue Surrender certificate in the transfer of family to another city
  • Within 7 days – Fresh ration cards on production Surrender certificate within the same state

Himachal Pradesh Ration Card Department Details:

Address: Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and consumer affairs, HP Aapurti Bhavan, SDA complex, Block number 42, Kusumpti, Shimla 171009

Phone number: 0177 2623749

Apply for Ration Card in Haryana

In 1966, Haryana was formed as a separate state after separation from East Punjab state. And the Ration card is the legal document to obtain the essential commodities at subsidized rates. In Haryana, cardholders will get Rice, Sugar, Fertilizers, Wheat, and Kerosene, etc. Moreover, Ration card comprises all the family details of the whole family like ages, relationship with family head, income levels, gender, occupation, etc

Types of Ration Card in Haryana:

The Haryana government has established 5 categories of ration card holders as mentioned below

  • APL (Above Poverty Line) cardholders: These cards are in Green color
  • CBPL (Central Below Poverty Line): The color of the cars is Yellow
  • SBPL (State Below Poverty Line): The color of the cards is in Yellow
  • OPH (Other Priority Households) cardholders
  • AAY (Antyodaya Anna Yojana) cardholders: These cards in Pink color

Required Documents for New Ration Card:

  • Two passport size photographs of family
  • Address proof: Water bill, Electricity bill, rent receipt, Phone bill, Rent agreement, NOC from landlord with ID proof
  • National identity proof: Government-issued photo identity card, Driving License, Voter ID card, Aadhar card, PAN card, NPR ID, self-affidavit
  • Other compulsory documents: Old ration card, Deletion certificate, Surrender Certificate, Affidavit

For Duplicate Ration Card:

  • 2 copies of Report of Depot holder Rs 5 as the penalty
  • 2 attested passport size photos of family

For member deletion: Transfer certificate / Death certificate / Marriage certificate

For Address change: Surrender certificate and address proof

For member addition: Birth certificate

Haryana Ration Card Fee Details:

The Haryana state government has set up the fee structure for the application’s Ration card. Applicants that belong to the different categories will have to pay a particular amount of fee

  • Applicants who want to receive their ration card through speed post then pay extra Rs 25 amount
  • Applicants will have to pay RS 10 as the fee for Haryana Ration card
  • For BPL applicants there is no Ration card fee

How To Apply for Haryana Ration Card Through Online:

  • Visit Haryana official website
  • Or Click on this link to get Haryana new ration card application form
  • Fill all the details carefully and the applicant is now required to upload all the scanned documents declaring national identity proof, address proof etc
  • Click on submit button then the applicant will redirect to the payment page
  • After successful submission of application, Ration card will issue and delivered to the applicant within 15 days of application submission date

Apply for Ration Card in Haryana Through Offline:

  • Visit District food and supplies controller and collect the Application form for Ration card (Form D-1)
  • Fill the form carefully and attach all the necessary documents (as mentioned above)
  • Submit the application form to the officer and collect notification slip or acknowledgment slip

A Process to Get Duplicate Ration Card:

Collect the application form from the office of AFSO/DFSC/IFS. Fill the form and attach the required documents while submitting at the office. You can collect your ration card from Assistant food and supplies / Food and supplies controller / Inspector food and supplies

Time Span Details for Haryana Ration Card:

  • 15 working days to get the New Haryana ration card after application submission
  • 7 working days to get Duplicate ration card
  • 7 working days for inclusion and deletion of family members on a ration card
  • 7 working days for the ration card on receipt of surrender certificate
  • 3 working days for address changes

Haryana Ration Card Department Details:

Address: Food and civil supplies, 30 Bays building, 2nd floor, 17-B sector, Chandigarh 160017

Phone Number: 0172 2706481

Apply for Ration Card in Bangalore

Ration card is considered as the vital document for Indian citizens. The Bangalore state government has provided an online facility for citizens. Now people can apply their ration card and related issues online. Public Distribution system called PDS is based on ration card that uses establish the identity, entitlement, and eligibility. This article provides information about Apply for ration card in Bangalore

Who Can Apply for Ration Card in Bangalore?

  • Members belonging to divided families
  • Families without ration cards
  • Temporary ration cardholders with expired cards
  • Couples who have newly married

Required Documents for Bangalore Ration Card 

  • Region of Food department
  • Photo ID proof
  • Full residential address with PIN code
  • Name of family members and relationship with the applicant
  • Recent electricity bill
  • Details of LPG connection
  • Unmarried people must provide parents address
  • Contact information by phone or mobile number
  • Occupation and annual income

How To Apply for Ration Card in Bangalore Through Online:

  • First, send applicant full name as SMS to 9212357123
  • As soon as you sms the applicant name then your mobile will receive an “Entry/ token number and security code” instantly
  • By using this token number you can open your online ration card application form at the photo bio center in Urban or Gram Panchayat in Rural areas in the presence of valid ration card INTRODUCER
  • Fill all your required family information through online application formant without any spelling mistakes.
  • Upload your family member’s biometrics, photographs, and necessary documents
  • It is mandatory to introduce the applicant by knowing the valid ration cardholder from Taluka
  • The introducer should carry his/her original documents like ration card and his electricity bill
  • After successful submission of the application form, you need to download the self-declaration form and sign it
  • Scan the declaration and upload that declaration document online
  • You will receive an acknowledgment of your application from the biometric service center

How To Check Station Ration Card Online:

  • Applicant visit the official website to check application status
  • Fill all details with the help of acknowledgment slip
  • Click on submit button then your application status will display on the screen

Other Services for Ration Card in Bangalore:

Applicants can apply for below-mentioned services through the same official website

  • Add name from the ration card
  • Delete name form ration card
  • Change address
  • New ration card
  • Duplicate ration card

Ration Card Department Details in Bangalore:

Address: Food and Civil supplies consumer Affairs Department, Marketing Federation building, Cunningham road in Bangalore 560052

Toll-free number: 1967 and 1800 425 9339

Email to:

Official website:

Apply for Ration Card in Gujarat

Ration department of Gujarat has issued a card to provide food products for poor people. The main motive to give from the ration card is to provide the grains for all citizens at low prices. The people who live in the state then you have a right to get the ration card form that state government. This article provides information about the Ration card in Gujarat.

These Are The Three Types of Ration Cards in Gujarat as Mentioned Below:

  • APL cards: These cards are provided for the families who are above the poverty line and have above Rs 10,000 yearly income
  • BPL cards: These cards are provided for the families who are below the poverty line and have below Rs 10,000 yearly income
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) cards: These cards are issued for the people who are economically poor

Eligibility to Apply Ration Card in Gujarat:

  • Applicants must not a possession of ration card
  • Couples who recently got married in Gujarat state
  • Citizens who belong to the economically weaker section of society
  • Applicants in possession of temporary ration cards

Required Documents for Gujarat Ration Card:

  • Recent passport size photos
  • Your address proof: Telephone bill, electricity bill, LIC bond, Aadhar card, Passport
  • Gas consumption bills and LPG connection details should provide
  • Identity documents of the applicant: Passport, PAN card, Voter ID card, Driving license
  • Age proof: Birth certificate, PAN card, Mark sheet of 10th class

Apply for Ration Card in Gujarat:

Process of applying new ration cars is very simple and easy

  • Visit the official website of food and civil supplies of Gujarat government and download the Ration card Application form
  • Fill the form completely and correct data like name, gender, age, family member details, relationship with family head and more
  • Submit the application form along with necessary documents to your nearest district food supply office or ration card office
  • And collect an acknowledgment slip so that you can check your ration card status

How To Check Gujarat Ration Card Status Online:

  • Applicants visit the official website ( to check application status with the help of acknowledgment slip
  • Click on the link “Check status of ration card application form
  • After that fill all details which are asked with the help of acknowledgment slip
  • Just click on the submit button, then your application status will display on the screen

How To Add Names To Gujarat Ration Card:

  • Visit the Directorate of food and civil supplies website and just log in to your account
  • Here fill out the application form for adding names to ration card
  • Submit the duly filled application form to ration card office along with requisite documents

How To Change an Address on Gujarat Ration Card:

The process of changing the address as displayed in the ration card is simple. Just hand over surrender certificate from the previous ration card along with necessary documents like electricity bill, telephone bill and more

How To Delete Names in Gujarat Ration Card:

  • You might want to remove the name in ration card then fill the relevant application form on the website
  • Submit the filled application form along with documents to ration card office

Barcode Ration Card in Gujarat:

Gujarat state government provided the ration card to Gujarat residence. In the entire country, Gujarat is the only state that providing the barcode system.

  • Enumerators visit door to door existing ration card holders and fill up the prescribed Application form1 for availing bar-coded ration card
  • Digitization of from and matching of cardholders family details with EPIC from the electoral roll
  • Capture photo and biometric details followed by printing for barcoded ration card
  • Distribution of bar-coded ration card to ration cardholders

Ration Card Department Details in Gujarat:

Address: Food, Civil Supplies, Block number 14, 5th floor, New Sachivalya, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 382010

Phone number: 079 23248625, 23251163/65

Helpline number: 1800 233 5500

Apply for Ration Card in Goa

The food civil supplies and consumer protection department has given the right to apply for ration cards who permanently reside in the state. Ration cards are used to purchasing foodstuffs at low cost in India. It also used for availing benefits of government schemes or subsidy. This article provides complete information about applying for a ration card in Goa.

Eligibility for Goa Ration Card

  • The applicant must be permanent Goa resident
  • The applicant must belong to the financial limit set by the Goa Government
  • Applicant should be Indian
  • Applicant should not hold ration card in other states
  • Age of the applicant should be above 18 years

Required Documents for Goa Ration Card:

  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • Voter ID card
  • Passport size photos of a family head
  • Age certificate
  • Income proof
  • Complete family information
  • Bank details
  • If the applicant holds the old ration card they want to apply new one then surrender certificate for the last one is needed

Note: Application affixing non-judicial stamp at Rs 20 on the application form the family head-on plain paper addressed to Civil supplies Inspector.

A Process To Apply for Ration Card in Goa:

  • Applicant must visit the official website of Goa
  • The ANNEXURE “H” DECLARATION form will display
  • Fill the all required information and upload the necessary documents
  • Enter your family member details
  • Enter the captcha code and click on submit button

Note: After some formalities, your ration card will issue within 2 to 3 months

Renewal Process of Ration Card in Goa (After 5 years):

  • Rations cards issued the state are periodically renewed every five years
  • The cardholder is required to submit the necessary declaration in prescribed proforma to the respective office of Talathi / Mamlatdar
  • New ration card will issue after 3 to 4 months after old card surrender

A Process To Get Temporary Ration Card in Goa:

  • Temporary ration card is issued for the families who coming from other states and residing in the state
  • A lifetime of the temporary card is valid for 3 months but some sufficient justification extended up to 6 months
  • After some time permanent cards are issued by Goa Government

 A Process To Apply for Duplicate Ration Card in Goa:

  • To apply on the plain paper and get the certificate from fair price shop
  • Applicant required to submit the affidavit stating the reason for duplicate ration card and also details of members
  • Attach the Rs 1 challan copy in the government treasury
  • Your duplicate ration card will issue within 7 days after getting the report from fair price shop

A Process To Change an Address in Ration Card in Goa:

The applicant needs to submit the plain paper with the old ration card. In that letter mentioned the ration card’s new address. If in case the applicant can change the service area of FPS within Taluka then they need to submit the declaration form

Goa Ration Card Department Details:

Address: Department of civil supplies and consumer affairs, 2nd floor, Junta House, Panaji, Goa

Official website:

Phone number: 0832 2226084

Apply for Ration Card in Delhi

Ration card is a legal document to get useful commodities at low prices. New e-ration card service has launched by the Delhi State government so that the applicants can easily download their e-ration cards through the Delhi Food Security website. By using a ration card, people can get access to government schemes. However, it serves the valuable ID proof that is accepted in several places and offices. This article provides the complete information about applying process for Ration card in Delhi.

Required Documents for Delhi Ration Card

  • Passport size photographs of the family head
  • Complete family information
  • Age certificate / Matric passed school certificate for the family head
  • Address proof: Water bill, electricity bill, Voter ID, telephone bill, passport
  • Income certificate

For Member Deletion: Death certificate / Marriage certificate / Transfer certificate

For Member Addition: Birth certificate

For Tenant:

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the house owner
  • Copy of house owner ration card
  • Rent receipt in the head of the family

For House Owner:

  • House Allotment letter copy
  • House tax receipt copy
  • Copy of power of attorney for purchase house

For Tatkal Ration Card:

  • Address proof
  • Surrender certificate of your old ration card
  • 3 passport size photos of the family head
  • You need to get signature on the application form by MLA, MP, Gazetted officer or Delhi Municipal councilor

Fee Details for Delhi Ration Card:

  • Applicant need to pay Rs 25 at the cost of processing fee for new APL / Duplicate ration card
  • Applicant need to pay Rs 100 for Tatkal Ration card in Delhi

Process To Apply for Ration Card in Delhi Through Online:

  • Visit the official website of Department of food, supplies and consumers Affairs
  • First, you have to enter your head of family details
  • Then click on the link to add member details
  • After entering all member details, you have to click on “Finish Member entry” button
  • Click on the Apply online option for e-ration card
  • Fill all the details carefully and click on submit button

Note: If in case you couldn’t finish your member entries during online apply, you can finish it anytime by clicking “Apply online” link

Tatkal Ration Card in Delhi:

Delhi Government provides the Tatkal ration cards in a period of two days from the date of the application form. And the processing fee also has to pay for the application to complete

  • Foreign can’t benefit this scheme
  • Only Permanent ration cards and APL cards are issued under this Tatkal. There is no Antyodaya, BPL cards under this scheme
  • The application form will obtain from the official website, Headquarters, circle offices, AC offices
  • You need to submit the filled application form along with necessary document at your zonal Assistant commissioner office
  • The date and time would issue with ration card are written on the counter of the application by clerk

How To Check Ration Card Details Through Online:

  • Visit the official website and select “View your Ration card details” option
  • Or you can directly click on this link
  • Here enter your aadhar number, ration card number and more
  • Click on search button to get the details of your ration card