Advantages of Ration Card

Advantages of Ration Card

Here are the various advantages of the ration card, as listed below

  • Ration card plays a vital role in every Indian citizen it ensures citizens in the procurement of essential commodities at subsidized rate.
  • Presently it becomes important documents for identification
  • ration card list helps you to know whether your enrolled in the list and eligible to all benefits

Purpose of Ration card as ID Proof:

ration card is useful as ID proof at the time of applying other documents like

  • Telephone connections
  • Mobile SIM cards
  • Domicile certificate
  • Passports
  • Forgetting driving license
  • Adding names in the Electoral Rolls

Type of Ration Cards:

  • The government will issue unique Ration cards for above poverty line, below the poverty line, and Antyodaya families like
  • Families who live below the poverty line are eligible to get blue/ green/red/yellow cards on which they can get special subsidies
  • Few states Government Issue temporary ration card, which is valid for a specified number of months and is issued for relief purpose
  • Blue card is issued to only those persons, who don’t have LPG connections.

Who can apply for a ration card?

  • He or some other person on his behalf is not already in possession of such a card
  • a person who resides permanently and desires to have a ration card are eligible to issue
  • Any member or he of his family is not included in another ration card, you can also check ration card status through its official website after applying

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