Delete Your Name in Ration Card

Delete Your Name in Ration Card

Ration card is useful documents where you can avail monthly subsidy rice, sugar, grain etc and it is also used as important address proof in India, you can also use ration card as proof of identity when you apply for other documents like Domicile certificate, for adding your name in the Electronic Rolls etc.

The second function of the ration card which implies that there is assured conditions which have to be ensuring the public distribution system runs efficiently and fairly, as it is given to families, it allocates a specific amount of commodities to the household support on the number of members of the family.

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To overcome malpractice and to ensure that the system is able to be of service to all economically disadvantaged Indians, it necessary that the names and number of the members are kept up to date

When to Remove Names from ration card:

Here are different causes of which members will have to be removed or deleted from the ration card

  • When a family member leaves the family like in case of marriage, divorce or when younger member leave home and shift to elsewhere
  • When the death of family members

This name deletion can be done through online and offline as follows

Process of name deletion from ration card – offline

  • Go to the nearest Ration supply store and collect the application form
  • Fill up the form completely and include the reason for deletion of name in ration card and you need to explain the relationship.
  • Attach all the related documents, like in case of death attach death certificate or in case of marriage attach marriage certificate along with the form.
  • Now, submit the completed form along with the document to the food supplier store
  • After submission, collect acknowledgment number
  • After successful verification, you will receive an updated ration card in short time

Process to delete the name in ration card – Online

  • Go to the official website of the food and civil supplies department
  • Go the ration card section and click on the name deletion link
  • Fill up the application form accurately, and include the reason for deletion of name in ration card and you need to explain the relationship.
  • Upload the relevant documents like a death certificate or marriage certificate
  • Submit the application form along with documents
  • After submission take the print of acknowledgment card number, which can be used to track the status

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