Add Another Family Member in Ration Card

Add Another Family Member in Ration Card

The development in online technology the Indian Government has come up with Online facility of Ration Card availability from Food and Supplies department. A note is to be made on the same hand that, there are 29 States in India where each and every state has got its own web – link for the department of Food and supplies, where all the valuable information and application forms are made available.

Ration Card is a major tool for the section of people who are BPL -Below Poverty Line or the APL – Above Poverty line, which actually helps them in getting the groceries at a subsidised pricing by the government, i.e., the household things can be bruht for low price. Many of the individuals may not have knowledge on the importance of Ration Card, so they fail to have one.

In this regards we are here to help you all the away and means relating to Ration Card in terms of Application of Ration Card through Online, Benefits of ration Card, Status check for Ration Card etc.,

And when it comes to Addition Of New Member In The Ration Card can be done in following cases;

If there is a newly married couple in the house, and wished to add his / her name in the Ration Card list….


A daughter / Son’s name is to be added to the Ration card

For all these case, Addition of a Family members name is really important for the governments to keep it ease for tracking the citizens names.

Process to Add Son / Daughter Name in ration Card..

We shall look into the guidelines on adding the Name of Son / daughter into the Ration Card list according to 2015 government rules;

Stages :

  • As a primary requirement the Certificate of Date of Birth of the Son / Daughter.
  • Ration Card inclusion Form is to be filled up, that is available at any Food Suppliers vendors or e – seva centres. Or In case of Online process check in to the web – link of the particular state and click on ‘ Ration card inclusion Form‘.
  • So, when it comes to online process of application the forms has to be downloaded, and in case of offline process the form is to be picked up directly and has to be filled up. With this the DOB certificate also has to be attached of the particular individual whose name needs to be included.
  • As a next step the verification of all the documents are done along with the verification of the form.
  • It is said that the Ration Card is delivered to the specified address in 2 – 3 weeks of time hat is mentioned in the application form.

So far we have seen how the addition of Son / Daughters name can be done. Next, it is the time to look in for the Addition of husband / Wife name in the Ration Card list of Family.

Process to Add Husband or Wife name in the ration card :

Considering the 2015 government rules of applying for Ration card and adding a family members name in the list of same, the following mentioned steps have to be followed.

Documents Required :

Certificate of  marriage of the couple

Stages :

The Certificate of marriage is the major document for the application of ration Card.

If in case the individuals name exists in the ration card list, it has to be deleted as the first step, so that the entry of the name can be made into the new list of that that particular area.

Next, the Name inclusion form needs to be filled up with all the necessary details of the applicant.

Later in this stage the attachment have to be linked to the application form of Name Inclusion + Marriage Certificate + Pervious Name deletion Form + Identity proof of the particular member whose name is being added.

Once all these are put together, they have to be submitted at the ration Card office or e – seva kendras for further verification and processing.

As a final step, if everything goes on well along with the members verification, it is said that the dispatch of the new ration card takes about 2 – 3 weeks time.

The process comes to an end….!!!!

All said and done, time to keep your ration Card updates.

Never delay in such things i.e., documentation that can actual give you benefit have to be always updates.

All the feedback and suggestions are accepted at all time.

Create you identity and never miss a chance to keep yourself updates with the facilities provided by the Government of India whose always on the side of Citizens well being.

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