Eligibility for Ration Card

Eligibility for Ration Card

Ration card acts as a bone for low-income families in India, it permits them to access to heavily subsidized basic food items by the government public distribution systemCategories of ration card

To provide Public distribution system for all classes of people in society, the government divided 4 main types of ration card based on entire household income

In order to identify easily, this card is arranged in different color codes, where each type of card offers different levels of benefits

Here are the 4 types of ration card as follows:

  • Blue card – for the families who live below the poverty line (BPL ration card)
  • Pink card – for families who live above the poverty line (APL ration card)
  • White card
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana

All these ration cards must be Bonafide residents of an Indian state and need to ensure which their name is not added in any other ration card whether it is within state or outside the state as this will considered as fraud and  will be punished by the law

Eligibility Criteria for ration card:

Here we have eligibility criteria as per the different categories. Let’s have a look!!

  1. Blue Card or BPL

This is given to the below poverty line families and it can be blue, yellow or green in color; it is eligible if household total income is less than Rs. 6400/- in rural areas and less than Rs. 11, 850 in Urban areas.

For this ration card families should not consist an access to LPG or Gas connections because it allows them to purchase subsidized kerosene in addition to subsidized food products.

  1. Pink or APL Ration Card:

This card is issued to the families who live above the poverty line and who are not eligible for the blue card but want to subsidized food products.

in case of rural area, these cards are in orange in color while in urban areas they will be given in the form of the pink card with the photograph of the head of the family

  1. White Ration Card:

This card is issued to the families who do not need subsidized products but want to hold a card for identity/ address proof

  1. Antyodaya Anna Yojana:

These cards will be issued to the people or families who do not have a regular or stable source of income; such as seasonal workers, the elderly, laborers and the unemployed

This all about the Eligibility Criteria of Ration Card, I hope it useful to you. Please share your suggestions with us below.

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