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How to Delete Name from Ration Card

How to Delete Name from Ration Card After a Person Dead, After Marriage, After Family Divide

The scheme Ration Card is running success is only because of its precautions, prefect execution planning, new implementations, increase in benefits to the cardholders. Today’s schemes are not the instant risen thoughts, and lot leaders thought of it to bring to the Government.

As every Indian knew that our Country is battling with the poverty and insufficient funds, and we have been listening to one collective dialogue since many generations that India is Developing Country. Still, India rose with a concept called Ration Card.

The pillar concept is to provide goods like Kerosene, Rice, Dal, Sugar, and more household ingredients to all the low and middle or average income families. I mean to support hand from Government to legally eligible candidates. If you are available to get these benefits, you can apply for the New Ration card.

Eligible Candidates to Get Ration Card:

  • The annual income must below 40,000.
  • The Government Employees are out for this scheme.
  • If you are a founder of a business or a company, you will get out of this scheme.
  • All the documents you provide during the applying or verification process for the Ration card should be genuine.
  • If all your submitted documents are accurate, then only you will receive the permission to have the Ration card.

The above information might familiar to everyone because having a Ration card is essential. Many might have a doubt, what happens or what is the procedure to delete a name from the running Ration card. To solve all your doubts, here is the detailed information about the process, and under what circumstances, you can proceed with the option called to remove or delete the name from the ration card.

When to Remove Names from ration card:

The pointed are the reasons to eliminate a person name form the family list from ration card:

How to delete the name after a Person Dead:

application letter for cancellation of name from ration card after death

If you are applying reason is to remove the person’s name due to his/her death. The following is the procedure to follow:

  • Before removing the name form the Ration card, the member of the householder should go to the office contain the number to the dead member in a serial format.
  • Get the death certificate from the office- it shows the legal guarantee that a person is no more on the earth.
  • Along with the death certificate, add the relevant documents to start the process of delete from the card permanently.
  • Hand over all the collected details, either to Meeseva or to the food supplier office.
  • The applier will give an approximate date to collect his/her new edited Ration card.
  • Remember- Sometimes, the officers will come for checking whether the application reason is correct or wrong.
  • If they notice that the given or applied process is fake or the person is still alive, then the referred person will face the consequences.

Documents required to Remove Name From the Ration Card Of a Dead Person:

  • Death certificate of the removing person
  • Passport size photo
  • Signature of the applied candidate.

How to remove from Ration Card After Marriage:

  • In the concept of marriage, we have two types of options to choose according to the need:

After Marriage

How to remove from Ration Card after Taking Divorce

  • For the above two options, the work process is the same, but submitting certificates decides which type option you choose.
  • The Girl or Woman can apply a request form for the deletion of a name.
  • The head of the family or cardholder should produce a no-objection certificate.
  • If the girls have the no-objection certificate, she was allowed to add her name with her husband’s ration card.
  • The addition process will occur after the girl’s name deleted from her parent’s Ration card.
  • After all the above details verified, then the girl can have an officially listed to a new Ration card.
  • In the case of DivorceDivorce, the certificate of DivorceDivorce is enough to apply the deletion of the name from the ration card.
  • The overview point is if you want to add a person to your family use the concept called “Add to Ration Card” in case wanted to delete a name or a person from your family go to the idea called “Remove or Delete name from Ration Card.”

Documents required to remove a Girl name from the ration card after marriage:

  • No objection certificate from the head of the family card holder
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Signature of the girl who applied.

Required documents to delete regarding Family Issues:

  • Objection certificate from the person whom you want to delete
  • If you got divorced? Then give the divorce certificate to eliminate the other person
  • Passport size photo
  • Signature of the applied candidate

To make updates regarding Delete name from the Ration card: Offline and Online options are available to complete your process. Since now, every work inserted through an online facility.  Here you will provide two options, and it’s your choice to select and complete the task.

How to delete name in ration card Offline Method:

The offline process is the best way to fill the application for the deleting name from the Ration card.

  • Download the application form from the Respective states official web site
  • Fill the application form by filling all the mandatory details with required documents.
  • Name of the person you wanted to delete
  • Give the relevant reason or removing the name
  • Mention the reason behind deleting
  • The relation of the deleting person with the cardholder
  • Check for the submitting documents list to submit along with the application form.
  • Now, apply the Meeseva or the nearest Ration food supplier shop for the future (next) process.
  • If the reason is the dead person, you are requested to submit an addition (Death certificate).
  • Passport size photo
  • Document proof for deletion proof.

How to remove name in ration card Online Method:

The process is a bit similar to the offline process. Still, they differ the application can be submitted directly to the activation site with the help of preferred state’s official portals under the control of the Government, India.

  • Visit your state official portal regarding Ration card
  • Click on the name deletion option among several options to choose
  • Fill all the necessary details with relevant like death, marriage, and Divorce certificates as the proof.
  • Submit the application form and collect the print out of your application form for future scope.
  • The application number or acknowledgment number will use to track your application status.
  • The tracking facility and direct submission to the official website, no need for central servers; these are the main advantage of preferring online facility or option.