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One Nation One Ration Card Scheme

Into to the people from 1 July 2020, as the current PM is on the process of building accuracy and transparency in government work. This is in already existing almost up to 82% in over India, yet to fill the gap of 12%. The one Nation One Ration card scheme had declared to the public on the 3rd December by the National Food Security Act.

Actually, the purpose of the ration card is to buy the basic food materials to the average level and to the ground level people from the government with a 77% discount. In the early days, it worked well with transparency but years passing,  the dealers do not maintain the prefect genuine work and of course same issue with the users too.

The reason behind the Scheme:

During the verification progress, the maximum result found out that, the users having the ration cards more than one and using all those Ration cards in the time of taking the monthly ration.

The other main reason, the central government distributing equally to all the states- districts- villages and to Mandals but when the government ruins for the feedback regarding the ration availed and benefits giving by them, the public response might always is without distributing equally, you have no right to take feedback.

Then the Government started to dig the working process and resulted in the only point is lack of transparency. To justify the people with the best outcome facilities from the government rasies the concept of One Nation One Ration Card.

Establishment Process Of One Nation One Ration Card Scheme:

Arise the concept of one nation One Ration card. The person should avail in only one card and must link up with the Aadhar card since that candidate can access the Ration card and buy the benefits and basic food materials. The mainly benefited from the migrant laborers and for daily wagers and also benefited with types of food grains under the National Food Security Act with fair prices from the center Government.

The present India government has to take with all International schemes, as the PM Modi’s goal is to set the History as India is a Developed Nation his ruling.

Focused on:

  • During the old rules and system, the applicant has to depend on a single shop to the near located area call it as the dealer.
  • The center government hope is that by allowing ration portability will also chance to decrease the term corruption.
  • From the new process or system, the applicants are accessible to take from any part of eth India.
  • The Purpose of Aadhar’s link is, every person has unique ID verification, it makes easy to calculate and analyze.
  • On the back end, the Food Corporation of India in thinking to provide thorough an App with the sorting grain in an attempt to create an accurate flow of information in online till the process of distribution.

Present Review:

  • The groundwork estimated with the four crores to 10 crores rations cards has been corrupted.
  • The woman after the marital status found it difficult to relocate to the new ration card.
  • The one nation and one ration card are already working in the states called Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra-Gujarat and Telangana started in August 2019.
  • From October 1, 2019, the other two states started Kerala and Rajasthan experiencing the result already.
  • By the 2020 1st month including three other states will be in the list of first national grid for the scheme “One Nation One Ration Card”.